Posted by: kierstin1220 | May 7, 2009

Promoting All the Wrong Things

The controversy surrounding Miss California seems as though it is never going to go away. However, this blog post has nothing to do with her controversial words at the Miss USA pageant that have made some question whether she  should remain Miss California. A new controversy has emerged, and it has something to do with some enhancements she had done, and who helped pay for them.

Miss USA

During an interview on CBS’s “The Morning Show” Keith Lewis, the co-Director of the Miss California Pageant, admitted that the pageant had helped fund Carrie Prejean’s breast augmentation surgery.  The reasoning behind their decision? Lewis told “The Morning Show”:

We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage. Lewis

When the anchor questioned why pageant officials did not try to persuade Prejean from wanting to get breast implants, Lewsi responded:

It’s a personal choice. Well, I think that it’s about how a woman feels about herself. In terms of, for me, it’s not a personal choice that I would recommend. But at the same time, I know so many women that have done the procedure and feel better about themselves and the way they present themselves.

And I think that’s the question is, whether or not, when you’re looking at that procedure as an option, am I going to feel better about myself? It’s not about one night. It isn’t about one night of competition. And doing a procedure like that for one night of competition would be foolish. Lewis

However, it was also brought up that having larger breasts contributes to better scores during the swimsuit section, which Lewis did not deny. The anchor then questioned whether the pageant should be reworked in such a way as not to put so much emphasis on beauty and perfection. Lewis seemed to dodge this question.

Nevertheless, this is a serious issue that needs more attention. Pageant officials are now paying for breast augmentation surgeries and god knows what else to give girls a leg up on their competition. However, it  isn’t natural. It’s like baseball players using steroids. Why bother judging something that has  been artificially enhanced? Of course she will look better than the competition because she had help, it’s not her natural appearance.

The media and society’s obsession with perfection is spirally out of control. Something needs to be done quickly before surgery becomes ordinary and a natural look is unusual.


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