Posted by: kierstin1220 | April 14, 2009

Tracking Your Child’s Weight

The ususal fast meal

The usual fast food meal

As a result of our fast paced lifestyles, something usually suffers or is neglected, and most of the time that something is our diets. We grab the quickest thing we can find while we are on the go and usually sacrifice any nutritional value for that given meal.

This nasty habit is especially detrimental for the children that are in our lives, because they become accustomed to the greasy burgers from the nearby drive-thru and shake their heads in digust at the green vegetables that we put on the table.

As a result, children consume too much fast food, which has really begun to affect their waistlines.  A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘ illustrates the rise in obesity among our children.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention study on obesity

Center for Disease Control and Prevention study on obesity


Because of the startling rise in obesity in the last 35 years,  some states are taking it upon themselves to make sure the problem doesn’t escalate anymore. In Massachusetts last Wednesday, the state’s Public Health Council passed a measure that would require public schools to measure  the Body Mass Index -BMI- of students in first, fourth, seventh and 10th grade and include the results on their report card, according to the Berkshire Eagle’s article.

BMI is calculated differently for children and teens than it is for adults.  Schools will send home a packet explaining the results and any steps that should be taken to help children lose weight. To read an article for how to calculate BMI for children and teens click here.

Although the measure was passed unanimously, some people have mixed feelings about measuring children’s BMI.

Mandatory BMI reporting laws force parents to walk the fine line between encouraging healthy eating and promoting unhealthy weight loss strategies. Rebecca Manley, founder of the Multiservice Eating Disorders Association in Newton, Mass., according to

However, school officials and lawmakers agree that the new laws are meant to help the children, not embarrass, and will hopefully prevent the problem of childhood obesity from escalating anymore.



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