Posted by: kierstin1220 | April 1, 2009

Do You Believe This?

Last Wednesday a photograph accidentally slipped past a retoucher and the photography editor and made its way to the Internet untouched -gasp! 


Notice how Kardashian looks less than perfect in this picture. Almost like a real woman; something the average person would look like if they were to get dressed up and take pictures of themselves. Well, Kardashian noticed as well, and immediately took to her blog to talk about it.

Hey guys,

So everyone has been putting up these pics from Complex Magazine showing the comparison of the original un-photoshopped photo that mistakenly was put up on This blog even went to the trouble to make an animation of the before and after.

Complex later replaced the pic with the photoshopped version, causing all of this drama. But you know what, who cares!

So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t!?

How many people do you think are photoshopped? It happens all the time! Kardashian

OK I can totally appreciate her confessing that her photographs have been Photoshopped from time to time. It’s like admitting that she’s less than the perfect image she distributes to the public, who buy it and as a result make her the rich celebrity she has some how morphed into.

But then Kardashian totally negates everything she said earlier in her blog post.

The  unretouched photograph of Kardashian was immediately taken down from the Complex Web site when they learned from the mistake and replaced with the false image the public has become more accustomed.


And Kardashian felt the need to comment on this retouched photograph as well.

At the same time as this Complex shoot, I was gearing up for my fitness DVD and you should see my thighs now!!! Haha! Kardashian

There’s no way her thighs could look anywhere near as good as when a photograph retoucher goes to work on them. It’s their job to make people look perfect -we’re not perfect on our own.

I’m proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Kardashian

If this is the case why doesn’t she keep the other photograph posted? Why does Kardashian allow all of her pictures to be Photoshopped? It’s time for Kardashian and other celebrities to put their money where their mouth is and show us their real curvy bodies they’re so proud of. Because to date the public has only seen the digitally-enhanced versions which aren’t real.



  1. I’m skeptical, I think the “wrong” photo was put up on purpose to create buzz for the magazine.

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