Posted by: kierstin1220 | March 24, 2009

Apple Accepts Poorly Disguised iBoob Application

The applications for Apple’s iphone and new generation of ipods, the itouch, are almost as popular as the electronics themselves. With 25,000 applications and counting, according to Apple’s Web site, it would be perfectly understandable for a few questionable applications to slip by the executives of Apple.

iWobble, however, is not questionable, it’s simply offensive to women.

Apple rejected a similar application known as iBoob in 2007. 

Apple recently declined a similar software known as iBoob on the grounds that it was indecent because that application seemed to be geared toward a particular part of a woman’s anatomy.

This quotation appeared in a Reuters’  news story about the iWobble application and was given by Jon Atherton of Australia’s Glentwood pty ltd, a private company based in South East Queensland, the developers of iWooble. This same company was the one that developed iBoob that Apple rejected over a year ago.

The main difference between iBoob and iWobble is iWobble allows the user to wobble any part of a picture he or she chooses to rather than being limited to a woman’s breasts. This change most likely swayed Apple in their decision to accept the revised application. That and over a million views the iBoob application video received on Youtube.

Say what you will but iWobble does little to hide the main purpose of the application.


This ad basically shows users that the iWobble application could be used on pictures of women’s breasts. If the picture doesn’t convince you, maybe the application’s description located to the side of it will.

The best part is when I pinch them to make them larger. Some random guy

What could “Some random guy” be referring to other than breasts?

Apple made a mistake by allowing this application to be accepted. Apple had already rejected the application once, but since it was renamed and slightly altered to fit the parameters of the application guidelines they accepted it. They should have been able to see through to the real purpose of this application.


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