Posted by: kierstin1220 | March 18, 2009

New Image Stirs Controversy

The current Dora Explorer

The current Dora Explorer

The popular Nick Jr. cartoon Dora the Explorer is about to undergo a transformation that has caused some people to protest. A new tween version of the cartoon has been unveiled to the public that drastically differs from the original and has upset some parents.

Here’s a  picture of the potentially new Dora since it wasn’t showdora_2n in the video clip. Some people are claiming that the new Dora is overly sexualized, comparing her to Barbie. Although there is a drastic change from the original tom-boyish Dora to the new leaner and longer version I don’t think that this new Dora sends the wrong message to the tween audience.

However, in Mattel’s press release about Dora’s new image it states, “the companies have introduced a whole new way to look at Dora for girls age five years and up.” Five year olds are not apart of the tween category and because of this I think that this new marketing campaign is a little inappropriate. The new Dora sends kids the impression that you have to be long and lean to be pretty, quite the contrary of the original Dora.

Some people have begun to fight back to save the Dora the Explorer they know and love. On the Hardy Girls Healthy Women Web site a petition has been posted to stop her transformation.

What do you think about Dora’s transformation?


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