Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 26, 2009

I Want to be a Bimbo When I Grow Up

I really can’t believe that this Web site is on the Internet. Talk about sending the wrong message to young girls.

The Web site is called Miss Bimbo and the goal is to turn your personal bimbo into “the hottest, coolest most intelligent and talented bimbo the world has ever known!” according to the main page of the Web site. However, striving to become the “most intelligent” bimbo seems more like an oxymoron than a goal to strive toward. By definition a bimbo is slang for an attractive but stupid human being. It is also used interchangeably with tramp to describe women. That’s a great goal -become the best tramp you can be!

my_bimboI wasn’t (and still am not entirely positive) what the purpose and function of the Web site is.  After doing some digging around, I stumbled across Miss Bimbo’s Wiki site.

It is a place where bimbos from around the world can join one another and be proud and happy of bimboland. In bimboland users can enjoy a safe fun environment in which to bring up and nurture their beloved bimbos. Users can interact, socialise and educate one another on a wealth of female, fashion and bimbo related topics. Miss Bimbo

The description goes on to explain how bimbos have recently been “persecuted” by the media, but bimbos will continue to unite around the world.

Here are a couple in-depth and realistic explanations of the Web site.

Would you let your daughter play Miss Bimbo, even if it is just a game?


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