Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 22, 2009

Men are to Blame

Well, not entirely. There has been some scientific evidence that suggests that once women are in a stable relationship they tend to gain weight. It makes enough sense -women begin to fill comfortable and no longer feel the need to impress their partners.

So, where does this post stem from? Well, in the world of celebrity it seems people cannot get enough of the Jessica Simpson weight-gain story. Rachel Ray was the newest celebrity to jump on the Simpson bandwagon to get her name in the media.

I wish I could be as thin as Jessica Simpson! Rachel Ray told People magazine

Ray goes on to state that the latest uproar over Simpson’s weight was because of the cut of the jean Simpson was wearing, not because she actually gained weight. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

As I searched for some more information about Simpson I came across this shocking article. The FBE Spa Holistic  Health & Fitness center offered Simpson a free lifetime membership. What a slap in the face to Simpson. She has gained some weight, although recently it seems she has dropped the extra pounds as soon as she was criticized, but not so much that she needs a lifetime membership to return to her previous physique.

Simpson on Feb. 11

Simpson on Feb. 11

Thankfully, Simpson declined the spa’s offer, and those close to her suggested that she is perfectly comfortable with the way she looks.

Jessica has been spending a lot of time in Texas so her eating habits have changed. And with Tony on hiatus, they’ve been eating out more and just enjoying life together. Fox news

So, do women typically gain weight when spending time with their partners?

The answer is yes. According to an article by the UK’s Telegraph, a woman’s weight fluctuates by two stone (or 28 lbs) while in a relationship. Initially a woman loses 5 lbs in the courting stage, but tends to gain up to 10  lbs. once she feels comfortable in the relationship.

One of the reasons for the weight gain is because men tend to eat more often and larger portions than woman. So, if women are eating portions equal to their partner’s they are almost guaranteed to gain weight.

It seems that Jessica Simpson is simply happy in her relationship. Good for her!



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