Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 18, 2009

Role Models

It takes a confident woman to admit that the images we may see of her in print may differ slightly from her true physical appearance.

Kelly Clarkson did just this when she spoke to a group of pre-teens at a self-esteem workshop sponsored by Dove on Feb. 11, according to She admitted that the things that are written in tabloids about her weight are hurtful, but she has learned to ignore the mean comments. Instead, she tries to make herself happy, not everyone else.

I’d be a liar if I said I was always fine with it. But I’m wise enough by now to know that you’re never going to please everyone so you may as well stop trying. Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson's new album cover

Clarkson even took to her blog on Jan. 9 and confessed that she knew her album cover had been Photoshopped.

it’s very colorful and they have definitely photo-shopped the crap out of me but i don’t care haha! whoever she is, she looks great ha! Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson has come a long way with coping with her own body image. In June 2007, Clarkson revealed during an interview with CosmoGirl! Magazine that she suffered from bulimia nervosa in seventh grade.

Yet, since then she has been able to overcome the disease and now serves as a positive role model for young girls.

According to Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty study, The Real Truth about Beauty,  to 81 percent of women polled agreed that “the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can never achieve.” This is an alarming statistic, but the study uncovered an even more startling one.

Only 2 percent of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful.

Another beautiful, real woman seems to suffer somewhat from a distorted body image: Kate Winslet

In November’s issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Winslet candidly admitted that she never aspired to become an actress as a child because she considered herself to be fat -and there aren’t any fat actresses.

And I still sort of have that. I often look at women who wear great jeans and high heels and nice little T-shirts wandering around the city and I think, I should make more of an effort. I should look like that. But then I think, They can’t be happy in those heels. Winslet

Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair

However, it looks like she has gotten the hang of her workout routine and she looks better than ever. Although there has been some debate whether these photographs have been Photoshopped or not, there is proof out there that Winslet’s body is 100 percent real. Check out her Oscar nominated performance in The Reader, where she spends more than half of the movie naked.

Oprah did and she loved what she saw.




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