Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 17, 2009

Beauty is in eye of the Photoshopper

Nearly anyone has the opportunity to purchase Adobe Photoshop, as long as you are willing to shell out the $700 that it costs. However, not everyone is aware of Photoshop’s numerous features that transform  you from the girl next door to the supermodel on the magazine cover. If you Google the words “Photoshop” and “body” together 15.6 million hits are returned. And most of the hits are Web sites that show the novice Photoshop user how to perform simple functions that could shed pounds off of their pixel comprised images.


Brittany Murphy before Photoshop

Brittany Murphy after Photoshop

Brittany Murphy after Photoshop


The above pictures are prime examples. Although they are only pictures of Brittany Murphy’s head, there has still been an ample amount of retouching done to her. The purple color under her eyes has been removed, and virtually all of her wrinkles and lines have been smoothed away. If this much work has been done to her face, how much is done on an entire model’s body?

The digital Photoshop retouching Web site illustrates the dramatic difference between photographs that have been altered and those that have not. The home page displays 17 photographs that have been retouched. By scrolling over these images, you can see what these pictures looked like originally. The differences are staggering.

The Web site also has a tutorial video that shows the efforts that go into retouching an image. The narrator explains that it takes five hours to alter an image of a girl’s face and neck. The result is a drastically different picture that has almost no resemblance to the original picture.

So, the question is, is this practice ethical? Journalists have to follow ethical rules that prohibit them from misleading their audience. Why is it okay for images of actresses and models that grace the covers of our magazines to be retouched without the acknowledgment of the publisher? Isn’t it unethical?

Check out these videos and see where you stand on this issue.


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