Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 12, 2009

If it Seems too Good to be True…

Then it most likely is.

Immediately following the beginning of a new year a new fad diet emerges promising to shed those pounds you have allowed to accumulate over the previous year. Google the words “fad diet.” These two little words return 1.4 million hits, which all claim to be your saving grace this year, but ultimately leave you waiting until next year when things will finally be different. It’s a vicious cycle.

This year proves to be no different.

As 40-something celebrities appear to be growing younger when the rest of us are rapidly aging, women will do almost and pay almost anything to compete with those heavily botoxed beauties that grace the pages of our favorite magazines.

This year’s fitness guru and possessor of the fountain of youth is Tracey Andersontracey_anderson2

Anderson has been credited with transforming Madonna’s 50-year-old body into one that rivals that of an 18 year old. Madonna’s good friend Gwyneth Paltrow originally introduced the two, and I guess you could say the rest is history.

However, 2009 is the year when the rest of America can have the opportunity to step into Anderson’s gym and have their bodies tortured while being toned and lifted. And all for only $900 a month, plus a nominal initiation fee of $787.50 for a six-month membership or $1,500 for a year.

Oh, and Anderson will not be the one who will lead the workouts. Her valuable time is spent with Madonna and Paltrow. You, on the other hand, will be at the mercy of one of her employees.

In all seriousness her program seems like it does work. Madonna has one of the most toned bodies I have ever seen, but I’m sure it comes with a little help from a plastic surgeon as well. And even with two children Paltrow remains as long and lean as ever. On her Web site, Paltrow confesses that she too has parts of her body she would like to see more toned. She provides the lastest videos Anderson sends her to accomplish her goals.

In January 2007 I decided I’d had enough of my saddlebags and post-pregnancy Shar-Pei-like stomach. I met an incredible woman who changed my life. Her name is Tracy Anderson. She is a dancer, a trainer, an “organic plastic surgeon” as my friend Julia calls her. Paltrow

But are results such as the ones illustrated in the magazines possible for the average American? Madonna and Paltrow spend at least a couple hours a day training with this woman. She even lives with them from time to time. Your measly $900 per month doesn’t provide that type of access to Anderson. And let’s face it, it’s basically a celebrity’s job to look good.

And Anderson’s program is not without its flaws.

Doctors criticize her workout because it emphasizes high repetitions with very light weights -no more than 3lbs. “Once a person adapts to the light weight, they will not gain strength,” said Dr. Michele Olson, a professor of exercise science at Auburn University, to the New York Times. “We should alternate between doing heavy weights with lower reps and lighter weights with high reps if we want our bodies to rest and continue to improve. But, there is no one single approach to exercise that can do everything.”

The exercises are also often too difficult and advanced for the average American to successfully perform.

So, instead of shelling out $900 once Anderson’s new studio opens in New York order one of her DVDs first to see if this fad is worth all of its hype.

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect.



  1. Your last two posts very, very good.

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