Posted by: kierstin1220 | February 5, 2009

MTV Drops the Ball

Monday’s episode of MTV’s popular “The Hills” spin-off, “The City,” finally dealt with a real issue that plagues millions of American girls and women: unhealthy body ideals. However, it didn’t do so in the most effective manner, and it could have potentially implanted the wrong idea into girls’ heads.

WHitney's friend Alley who is a model

Whitney's friend Allie who is a model

Throughout the episode, Whitney helps her friend Allie cope with some startling accusations made by Whitney’s former boss Kelly. Kelly repeatedly questions Allie about her minuscule frame and infers that she suffers from anorexia.

But, instead of addressing Allie’s issue throughout the episode, these characters decide to defend Allie’s nearly invisible frame, chalking it up to the fact that she is a model.

Model or not the girl is way too skinny.

In fact, one of the characters Olivia goes as far as insulting girls and women who do not have the physique of a model. She indifferently comments that Allie’s slender figure is common in the modeling industry. And when Whitney decides to develop a backbone and question whether these standards are safe, Olivia laughs in her face.

“Are you kidding? Like, you think, we have Shamu coming down the runway?” Olivia

Apparently if someone weighs more than 100 pounds they’re equivalent to the size of a whale.

What troubled me most about the episode was there was nothing at the end that contradicted or even negated Olivia’s harsh statement. No public service announcement announcing help for a friend who may be in trouble. Instead it left me thinking I should lose a few pounds, or possibly 50.


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